Sunday doodle with two ATmega and a pig

Having spent some time yesterday on tuning my synth filter code for my arduino legovox, I decided to see how the combination of two radically different ATmega based synth (my own squealer and the Shruti-1) would sound: It was time for a quick sunday sound doodle using exclusively those with the piggy under pure dyne for sequencing and drum.

The result is quite nice.. the shruti-1 has some clear quality that mixes well with the rougher grittier sound of the squealer. Once again, I’m baffled by the feeling of control analog pots give when tweaking sound.. even though it’s exclusively digital, it feels like it’s not



  1. I’m so interested in seeing exactly how you did this and what you are doing for code.

    Would you mind sharing this info with me?

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