Splitting voices


Since the Nostromotron has two oscillators, it’s always been tempting for me to get them to work not only as a conventional monophonic bloc but also to somehow be able to control them independently. I remember a friend telling me a while ago how the Arp Oddissey behaved differently when you triggered one or two notes and I’ve always been fascinated by this idea.

So this week-end, I’ve added a Keyboard trigger mode (labeled key mode here under).

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 09.19.40

When panned hard left, the monotron behaves like a standard monophonic unit and both oscillator follow the same pitch tracking. However, when panned hard right, the synth goes in “splitter” mode:

  • If you play a single note, both oscillator will play that pitch
  • If you play more than a note, they will ‘split’ and play different pitches (at the moment, the analog oscillator tracks the high voice and the digitial one the low one)
  • If you release the extra notes and go back to playing a single note, they will again play the same pitch.

If the glide/portamento is on, the splitting happens using this setting too, leading to fairely interesting sonic results.

Here’s a quick demo. Beside the drums, there’s a single synth playing, no overdubs:

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