Nostromotron Doué


I’m going to start working on a new version of the Nostromotron. Although I still really love the original one, I feel like I’ve learned a few things since then and I’d like to apply them to a new version of the mod.

So be prepared for a few posts about doing this new version I now call ‘doué’.

Here’s a few highlight of what I’d like to do for this one

  • Base it on the monotron duo, basing the design on Alessandro’s – itself based on my original one.
  • Better pitch accuracy: Get rid of the tuning ‘problem’ – some might call that a feature – due to the sensitivity of the pitch knob
  • Use DDS for the digital oscillator to get a less aliasing
  • Add a VCA post-filter (this will also get rid of the gate clicks since the gate can always be open)
  • Make use of the tap points on the pcb for various waveshapes
  • Use bypass capacitors on chips – as I am supposed to.
  • Do a proper casing so I can fully tweak it without any additional help.
  • “Real” MIDI port (but still support usb over midi)

So, all in all, this should end up being a cleaner version of the unit. Let’s see how it rolls.


  1. I think we’ve connected with each other over on Muff Wiggler, but my Monotron Duo is basically sitting idle due to the lack of MIDI functionality. I’d also kill for a CV component as well since I do have some partially analogue gear. I’d love to drive this thing but right now it’s just a cool little toy.

    Please keep me in the loop of your progress!

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