My Teensy Monotron Mod [a.k.a the nostromotron]


This is a recap of my mod for original monotron.

Originally, I wanted to use a Teensy 3.0 to implement a cheap MIDI control of the monotron, and turn it into a real sequence-able instrument rather than just a play toy. In the end, I discovered that adding a mcu hooked to the monotron allowed me to extend the monotron a lot more and turn it into a deeper synth. The mod contains the following features:

  • USB compliant midi interface
  • Additional digital oscillator with selectable waveforms
  • Toggle analog / digital oscillator
  • Envelope for the filter cutoff and the digital oscillator
  • Portamento

All controls being accessible through MIDI continuous controllers.

github-10-512All the in-depth explanations can be found in the posts listed at the botton of this page. The code source and  schematics can also be found on github, in this repository.

The following playlist exhibits some of the resulting sounds.

Enjoy !

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