LittleGPTracker on RPi

The next logical step after finishing the Raspberry Synth port of last week was to give a serious go at my game console-oriented tracker, LittleGPTracker. Since the code base isn’t that different -it’s a predecessor of the synth architecture but share most of the basic platform adapters- I wasn’t expecting any major troubles. Indeed, beside SDL not wanting to get initialised when the program is started from a remote ssh session – unless you a root – ; the only glitch was that I never had tried to use my SDL display routine to cope with a 1080p display (since the app is originally targeted at a 320×240 resolution) and a couple of small cleanups have been necessary so offsets were properly dealt with.

Here it is, in all of its SCREENMULT=4 glory

Once again, the built audio proves to be utter rubbish but hooking my cheap behringer interface solved the audio glitches.

I haven’t tried midi out yet and something with hooking up joysticks seems kind of fiddly. Beside that, the app seems to run the 8 mono channels without any troubles. Yeah for lo-fi music engines.

If you want a premature ghetto version, hit me up.


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