Groovesizer: DIY controller


Groovesizer is a strange grid sized unit which- depending on the firmware uploaded to it – can become either a sequencer or an ableton controller.

It’s loosely based on the arduino and pretty cheap.



  1. Hey there, Marc – thanks a lot for reposting. I’m MoShang and the Groovesizer is my project. The idea behind the Groovesizer is to provide a kind of musical blank slate that’s easy to program from the Arduino IDE and easy to reconfigure via jumpers on the board. I’m a pretty much a novice and I wanted to make a multipurpose PCB for myself that had the hardware for a bunch of different Arduino audio projects collected in one place to make it easy to experiment with them. Along the way I realized it might be useful for others as well and decided to do the kit. That, and my original Groovesizer mk1 project has proved to be very popular with the Arduino community, so I thought there might be some interest – a port of that project to the new hardware is high on my todo list.

  2. @hri, that’s an option too, but keep in mind that Groovesizer rivals that option for cost and is capable of making sounds out of the box – you’re still going to need audio components (even if it’s just an audio jack) with the option you suggest.

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